About King FM 103.9

We make a promise every day when we go on the air. We must deliver on that promise. We never want our listeners — you — disappointed. We always want to be answering the questions, "What's happening?", "What does it mean?", and "Why is it important?" We’ll teach you something about the day's news and events with smart, passionate hosts.

The King FM 103.9 is a commercial English-medium entertainment, music and information radio station targeted at an informed audience in the 15-35 age group and generally those who are young at heart. It is a full-service station broadcasting entertainment news, topical news, traffic, sports and weather information. All these elements are rolled into our hot and exciting breakfast, afternoon and evening drive time shows. The station transmits 24-hours and identifies with its modern listeners by way of a target-oriented music mix. Apart from the music targeting, the station’s programming is predominantly personality driven, with quality presenters on-air.Essentially we are the "HEARTBEAT" of Ibadan, capturing the positive vibrancy that Ibadan is increasingly known for.
The King FM 103.9 mission is to satisfy listeners' needs in order to maintain majority market share through quality programming.
As market leaders in the entertainment arena, we have set the pace and trend for today's audience in Nigerian radio business.


Our aim is to be the benchmark for commercial radio in Africa by delivering world-class radio excellence on a daily basis.